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Tongling Tongguanfu Cultral & Creative Corp.LTD

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Address:No. 2666, Tongjing East Road, Tongguan District, Tongling City, Anhui Province



       Tongling Tongguanfu Cultural & Creative Corp. Ltd. ( Hereinafter referred as to TGF )is located in Tongling, with a renowned name as the City of copper since 3,000 years ago .The “Copper Art Culture Industry Park” is a fantastic complex which integrates artistic creation, design, manufacturing, exhibition and sightseeing.  with a team of professionals with artistic, arts masters and sculptors .
      The Copper Art Cultural Industry Park covers a total area of 76,000 Square meters , with building area of 46,000 square meters, which is mainly in Hui-style . The annual production capacity is about 6,000 tons of copper casting.
      Since its establishment, TGF has successfully designed, constructed and provided artistic service for lot of sculptures , statues,and copper decorations for temples such as copper tiles etc, . Its products have been delivered to at home and aboard .TGF’s mainly business scopes , Sculpture engineering for the city, Sight building engineering ,Copper architectural decoration, Copper furniture, Cloisonne, Copper tile, Copper brick and all kinds of copper artwork .It covers different technique and processes, including clay sculpture, gold inlaying and silver inlaying, cloisonne, pictorial copper art, moulding, copper forging , carving, copper melting , golden gilding, 3D, etc..
      There is a special architecture named “Copper Palace”, located in the center of the park with construction area of 5000 square meters. It is decorated with nearly 500 tons of copper, using 37 kinds of copper-making techniques in modern and ancient times, in China or abroad. With copper official culture as the main line, it has become the unique Hui-style copper building in the world, not only with the largest total coverage, but also the most copper-making techniques.